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Tammy Hotsenpiller

Pastor. Speaker. Life Coach. Author. Influencer.

Tammy Hotsenpiller is a pastor, certified Christian life coach, mentor, author, and speaker. As founder and executive director of Women of Influence, a women’s movement that empowers women of God to embrace their story and find freedom and purpose, Tammy has coached and mentored hundreds of women into success and victory. As far as women business coaches go, Tammy is a cut above. From Hollywood producers, actresses and models to Fortune 500 businesswomen, Tammy has guided many powerful women into their calling. Whether it’s executive coaching for women or relationship coaching for women, Tammy Hotsenpiller remains at the forefront of Spirit-filled coaching, mentoring and personal development for women.


Tammy knows that your Christian testimony is simply your story. There is power in your story. Tammy helps women harness the power in their stories and turn difficulty into victory.

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Life Coach

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Empowering women to tell their story for purpose, freedom and for the next generation. Tammy Hotsenpiller empowers women to tell their story for freedom, purpose and future generations. She is confident that when women embrace their story, with all it’s twists, turns ups and downs it will bring them freedom. As women walk in the freedom of who they are, and who God created them they will find purpose – and as these women walk in their true purpose they will impact future generations in mighty ways! Tammy has seen so many women embrace their stories, find purpose and change lives.

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In addition to her bi-weekly Women of Influence meetings, where Tammy speaks into the lives of hundreds of women; Tammy also has a national platform speaking at women’s conferences. Although Tammy is a teacher, mentor, pastor and life coach in Orange County, CA – her influence spans the globe!


Tammy Hotsenpiller is a best selling author who has written four incredible books: Taste of Humanity, a sociological cookbook; 3 Skips and a Jump, a life-changing coaching book; Curious, a thought provoking coffee table book; and her newest release, a novel like any other called The Park.

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