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The Park

Rachel D’Angelo has had her fair share of heartache and disappointment. This last go around is no exception, but pain, sorrow, and loss can be the very thing needed to push a person into their divine destiny. From a childhood encounter on her fire escape in Queens to the hospital beside of the one she’s relied on most…He’s been there.

Lost In Manhattan

For Rachel D’Angelo life has not been simple, but her current struggle has proven to be more than she can bear. Can she go through another loss? Can her marriage handle the pressure of an ex-girlfriend? Can she be the mom she wants to be without losing everything? Finding herself back in Manhattan, working on a clinical trial with her ex-fiancee Tom, has stirred emotions Rachel thought were far gone, causing her to second guess her choices. As her journey progresses, Rachel finds herself lost, lonely, and back where it all began- Manhattan.


Relocating to Collinsville following the death of her Aunt Cali, Rachel D’Angelo said, “I do” to the man of her dreams…but little does she know, the honeymoon is to be short lived. Evil is lurking around the corner, looking for a way in. The sweet town of Collinsville has never been anything but perfect. That is until Rachel took matters into her own hands. Led down a path of poor choices, single-mindedly seeking her deepest desire, Rachel’s life is turned upside-down. Blinded by her heart’s obsession and unable to discern between good and evil, Rachel is confronted with choices she never thought possible. Daily, our decisions determine our future. Has Rachel’s selfish wish invited evil into the idyllic town of Collinsville?

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