Holy Spirit Course

Holy Spirit

Have you ever heard someone say that the Holy Spirit spoke to them and wondered if that was true? You wondered to yourself, “Am I missing out on something? I mean, really, does the Holy Spirit speak… audibly?”

I have been there. I have asked myself on numerous occasions if people really hear God’s voice and if the Holy Spirit can be so close to a person that they hear Him talk to them.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the Holy Spirit of God will never speak audibly again.

Jesus said… “I must go away but I will send the Holy Spirit and HE WILL be in you…” 

In this series of video teaching, I will address many of your questions on how to hear from God, and what to do when you truly hear His voice.

The Holy Spirit is recorded 59 times in the book of ACTS, and 36 times the Holy Spirit is Speaking. 

Enjoy your Journey with Holy Spirit,


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