Wise Behavior Journal

It’s time to WISE up and there’s no better way to start than to write it out. Download this workable PDF for a 3-week challenge that will transform your physical body through my WISE Behaviors: Water, Intake, Supplements and Exercise. You will have the opportunity to chronicle your thoughts, decisions and emotions through this journal. As you fill out each page, you will be able to witness firsthand the steps of your story.

Taste of Humanity

Taste of Humanity is a delicious look into the lives and cultures of other countries using the art of entertainment combined with interactive fun.

This book tells you how to decorate, cook, dress and even provide a few foreign language lessons! Taste of Humanity contains beautiful color photographs and graphics that represent each of the countries. The recipes have been tested and are authentic from the countries of origin. This book has everything you need to get the party rolling for the perfect International gathering.