21 Day "Elevate Your Energy" Challenge

Welcome to the 21-Day Challenge

It has been said: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.”  Albert Einstein

What if you could be disciplined, get clarity, enjoy healthy habits, and discover the secret to unlocking your natural energy that will last you all day long!

Here’s a secret…. You can! 

The Elevate Your Energy challenge is for you if you find yourself: 

  • Relying on caffeine as your main source of energy
  • Dealing with stress and the weight of life that has you feeling exhausted
  • Finding yourself in circumstances that are stealing your zeal and energy of life
  • Wishing you had more energy but not sure what to do

If so, this 21-Day Challenge is for YOU!

What makes this challenge so unique? 

You get to uncover all the different aspects that affect your energy such as nutrition, emotional well-being, your thought life, relational boundaries, spiritual wisdom, and physical daily habits/routines that will inject you with optimal energy. There is no other challenge on the planet quite like it! 

Join me as we hear from great leaders on how to Elevate Your Energy.

Enjoy the wisdom and examples of these powerful stories,


Day 1 – Tammy Hotsenpiller

Life Coach & Pastor of Influence Church

“Wise Behavior And Good Choices”

Day 2 – Madeline Carroll

Actress, Writer, Producer, Speaker

“Having The Energy To Stand Strong In Hollywood”

Day 3 – Dr. Increase (Bob Harrison)

Business Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

“Increase Your Mindset”

Day 4 – Cynthia Hill

Former Miss Galaxy & World Tri-Fitness Champion

“Exercise To Energize”

Day 5 – Adam Flores

CEO & Founder Of The Dream Factory

“Breaking The Weight Of A Poverty Mindset And Stepping Into Abundance”

Day 6 – Virginia Dixon

Brainwave Optimization & Inner Healing Specialist

“Energy – It’s A NO BRAINER”

Day 7 – Tammy Hotsenpiller

Life Coach & Pastor Of Influence Church

“Energy Bandits”

Day 8 – Caitlin Crosby

Founder & CEO Of The Giving Keys

“How Generosity Can Elevate Your Energy”

Day 9 – Josh Hotsenpiller

Software Entrepreneur & Ted Talk Contributor

“Reinvention Ignites Energy”

Day 10 – Kristen Dalton-Wolfe

Former Miss USA & CEO Of Train To Reign Coaching

“Do YOU Have What It Takes To Be Successful?”

Day 11 – Big Wave Dave

Radio Host 95.9 The Fish & 99.5 KKLA

“Creating Contagious Energy”

Day 12 – Kim Walker-Smith

Singer/Song Writer & Founding Member Of Jesus Culture

“How To Unlock Your God-Given Energy”

Day 13 – Phil Hotsenpiller

Pastor of Influence Church & Founder of American Faith

“Maintaining Energy While Multitasking”

Day 14 – Marshall Morris

Founder Of iHeartDogs & Army Veteran


“It’s a Dog’s Life:

How One Man Turned A Setback Into A Doggone Good Life”

Day 15 – Jaymee Stocks

Testimonial from attending Tammy’s Coaching Seminar

Day 16 – Jedidiah Thurner

Speaker, Humanitarian & CSO of Missions.Me

“Using Your Energy to Make Global Impact”

Day 17 – Tammy Hotsenpiller

Life Coach & Pastor Of Influence Church

“Drama Drainers”

Day 18 – Rob McDougall

President & CEO of Gelson’s Markets

“How To Keep Energy And Morale High In The Workplace”

Day 19 – Michael Ketterer

Health Care Worker, America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer, Recording Artist

“Breaking Barriers For Mental Clarity”

Day 20 – Plumb

Christian Songwriter & GMA Dove Winning Artist

“Reserving Some Energy For You”

Day 21 – Tammy Hotsenpiller

Life Coach & Pastor Of Influence Church

“Energy In Reserve”