The title for my book was inspired by a coaching session that was a real example of what happens when we allow our emotions and excuses to cripple us, when we fail to see the gifts and opportunities God has intended for us.

It was a sunny spring morning the day I met with Emilee. I had determined it would be my last coaching session with her if something did not change. Her excuses, bad attitude, and lack of commitment to the assignments had left me no choice but to tell her this would be our last session.

I arrived at our meeting place early for some “me time” before having to confront my client. As I sat sipping on my latte, I heard laughter coming from across the street. In the playground were children running and skipping as though they hadn’t a care in the world. I smiled at the joy and lighthearted innocence of days gone by. Why does life have to be so difficult as we grow older? Why can’t we see through the lens of a child and skip through the day?

Looking a little closer, I saw three little girls playing hopscotch. I smiled as I remembered my playground years of tossing a rock and skipping from box to box. Look at those three young girls hopping and skipping through life, I thought to myself. Then it hit me. Three skips and a jump and I can be there. These young girls were showing me that the way to move through life is to skip over the things that control and cripple us, and to take a jump into the future!

I had an idea. I drew a hopscotch pattern on a piece of paper and picked up a rock from the ground nearby. When Emilee arrived for our coaching session, I said something to her that not only changed her life forever; it also changed the way I have approached each client from that point on.

“Emilee, are you ready to play hopscotch?”

Looking quite confused, she asked me what I was talking about. I looked straight into her eyes and said, “Are you ready to skip over your excuses and jump into your future? If not, I think we are done here.”

I’m not sure if it was the illustration or the timing, but with tears forming in her eyes, she picked up the rock from the table and said to me, “Let’s play.”