Tammy Hotsenpiller genuinely cares for the women from Influence Church and actually all women she comes in contact with. She has passion, motivation and drive to share her knowledge with us and desires deeply for women to know the love that Christ has for them.  Tammy is not only a very good friend but has been a mentor, motivator, and prayer warrior for me with the launch of my new business~Nate’s Lunch. From the moment I shared the idea with her of starting this venture, she immediately filled me up with confidence and encouragement to get it going!! I’ll never forget the smile and sparkle in her eyes when I shared my vision. She immediately connected me with people to assist me in getting things rolling and it turned into a snowball effect from there.  She inspires me with her words, energy, and teachings. Tammy ignites a fire in anyone’s heart that is blessed to know her.

You will become a powerful, influential, confident woman if you read any of Tammy’s life changing books or spend time in her presence. In particular, her book 3 Skips and a Jump taught me about the power of putting away all excuses so I could jump into my destiny.

– Annamae