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In addition to her bi-weekly Women of Influence meetings, where Tammy speaks into the lives of hundreds of women; Tammy also has a national platform speaking at women’s conferences. Although Tammy is a teacher, mentor, pastor and life coach in Orange County, CA – her influence spans the globe!

Tammy Speaking at NEW Conference

Tammy Hotsenpiller delivers a powerful messages at the NEW Conference.  Tammy, along with Kim Walker Smith, Christine Caine, Tina Konkin, and Jen Ramlet, spoke powerfully into women’s lives at this life-changing conference.

Mother’s Day

As a wife and mom of three, Tammy is deeply in touch with the heart of a mother.  Tammy speaks to the hearts of women in this very special Mother’s Day address.

Bring Your Dreams Back to Life!

Tammy joined prophetic speakers Shawn Bolz, Juan Carlos Ortiz Julie Meyer, Kim Walker-Smith and Phil Hotsenpiller at the incredible Influence Prophetic Conference!  Tammy’s message is powerful and life-giving!

Prophetic Conference

Thanks for stopping by. I believe you are here for a reason. You may not know why at this point but I am sure something on this site is going to touch you in a special way. Maybe you just need to know you are truly beautiful….yes YOU! Maybe you need to hear that God loves you and that He loved you before you were even born.

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