Hello Beautiful!

Today we are addressing the cultural plague of entitlement, and how being a D-I-V-A is NOT part of becoming the Woman of Influence God has created you to be.   Like I explained in the intro to this series, we have to SKIP certain behaviors before jumping into Gods destiny for our lives.  Believe it or not, we are all guilty of falling into the trap of thinking we have special privileges to be given whatever it is we want.  Here are some phrases that may sound familiar to you; “I have a right to be happy “, “I’m special and different from everyone around me” or “Because you’re worth it”. The internet is full of stories, resources and opinions to why “I have the right to…”, Here are some ones I came across…

  • I’m entitled to my opinion
  • I’m entitled to my thoughts
  • I’m entitled to wear what I want
  • I’m entitled to have government assistance.

The truth is, once you open yourself up to what you think you deserve, your mind starts to fill up with thoughts of entitlement.  How did this spirit of entitlement invade our culture? The mindset of I have rights, and no one can stop me from feeling and doing as I please leaks into every area of life including marriage, family, and even overall happiness. If you have the mindset that you deserve only the best things from life and others, you will never be happy in this world.  Sister, I challenge you to check yourself this week for when the spirit of entitlement tried to creep in! Entitlement seems to find a way to weave its way into all of our stories. Learning to SKIP entitlement is crucial to stepping into God’s powerful destiny for your life. 

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