My story has so many chapters! But the most exciting chapters all stem from a life changing experience in 2003. I came to Los Angeles as a model/actress – searching fame and fortune – but quickly found so much more – Jesus. When I got to know the Lord my entire world changed. I had a total shift. Instead of seeking all the world had to offer – I just wanted the Lord. I would spend hours reading my Bible – all I wanted to do was know more about the Lord! Eventually, I began Bible college with the hopes of going into ministry; one day being a great theologian. But the Lord had other plans. He quickly shifted my career to production and I started producing network television! I can tell you, this was a true miracle of God. I had been a model since the day I graduated high school. I had traveled the world doing photoshoots, partying and living the high life. I had zero experience with any sort of production, and yet here I was, a television producer! Incredible!

After 12 years of producing television the Lord FINALLY allowed me to move out of production and in to ministry. I have been working at Influence Church for about 6 months and in January my dreams came true when I was licensed for ministry. Incredible! The Lord is now using my production background with my heart for ministry to do great things for faith-based media! I want to pinch myself every day. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my story holds! Thank you JESUS!!!!

– Ashley